You have something you want to share with the world.
NEAL helps you present it with confidence.
NEAL is a creative service for artists, creative entrepreneurs and experience-centric businesses.
The goal of NEAL is to promote a higher standard for the integrity, authenticity and overall impact of how you present your ideas. Therefore, NEAL stands for Never Expect Anything Less.
My name is Anthony Neal.
My job is to:
1. Believe in what you do.
2. Help you assess, organize and curate your ideas.
3. Provide you with meaningful work that you believe in.
For some, the logo is the most important detail of your visual identity. When you work with NEAL, your logo project is treated as a process of creation rather than design. I believe that the most effective and meaningful work comes from the trusted and inspired interpretation of an artist. NEAL provides you not just a logo, but a timeless, living artwork.
Your identity is not just a visual and verbal presentation, but the foundation of character behind what you do. NEAL will help you discover the most important aspects of your identity, and define the thread that highlights the value of what you do. With definition and clarity, your brand or project will look and feel more confident and communicate more effectively.
Sometimes the most important part of developing and sharing your ideas is having a trusted opinion. NEAL will help you organize, curate and guide your ideas to a thoughtful and effective presentation for any creative project. NEAL will also work with third party vendors and service providers to secure the quality and consistency of your visual and conceptual assests.
Your visual presentations should be an honest extention of you and the value you bring to others. Every asset you use should act as its own work of art to create connection with your audience on its own terms. NEAL will provide you with thoughtful interpretations of your most important presentations, conceptually and visually tailored to highlight the values and character of your project or brand.